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Jumbo Wild by Allen Derbyshire 03-Oct-2014
Forwarding this note from Jumbo Wild, in case any CMCers are able to participate.

Dear Jumbo Wild Supporter,

Fifteen concrete trucks are headed up to the Jumbo Valley this Saturday. After 24 years of opposition, with less than 10 days until their Environmental Certificate expires, Glacier Resorts is planning to begin construction on the foundation for a day lodge.

Please join us this Saturday, October 4 for a rally to oppose construction in the Jumbo Valley.

Many of the commitments made by Glacier Resorts to receive their Environmental Certificate have not been satisfied, including studies to protect grizzly bears and studies to show there is enough groundwater. The Jumbo Glacier Resort would threaten the Purcell grizzly bear population and would violate Qat’muk, the sacred home of the grizzly bear spirit for the Ktunaxa. It is unbelievable that our government is allowing construction to start before the Environmental Certificate conditions have all been satisfied.

Wildsight and the West Kootenay Eco Society have both officially requested a stop work order on any construction until all of the commitments have been satisfied.

9am (People will begin amassing at 8am)


Jumbo-Toby Confluence (Mineral King Mine), ~19 km from Panorama

Bring your placards, signs, banners, buttons, and drums!

For 24 years, we have kept the Jumbo Valley wild. Together, we can keep it that way.

See you on Saturday,
JCCS Board of Directors

PS JCSS is not advocating civil disobedience we are planning a peaceful rally.

Jumbo Creek Conservation Society
Box 2645
Invermere, BC
V0A 1K0

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Website Future by henry 25-Oct-2013
From the AGM...

>and we carried on to re-elect Henry Licorice and charge
>him with migrating the website to Facebook, or giving it
>to someone else remind me, someone who was there, please
> or doing both, or investigating alternative social media
>(so none of our honorary members will ever be able to find
>the club again). There was talk of Twitter.

I know not of this F******k, and have heard but rumours of a sphere of the inter-webs, deeper even than the sphere inhabited by cats in cardboard boxes, being the abode of Twits.

The comet has impacted and the digital Mesozoic era is at an end. Those of us with mere reptilian internet savvy are doomed to spend the rest of our days wallowing in the swamps of the digital periphery. While the active young mammalian lifeforms evolve into the future 140 characters at a time.

Anyone want a website?


A New Threat to the Ghost? by cmc.mailmonster 02-Dec-2012
There are discussions going on that could result in us losing access to the Ghost.

We are looking for a number of people to attend information sessions and make sure our voice is heard. The CMC representative from CASA (Climbers Access Society of Alberta), Howard Bentley, is encouraging us to get involved now, while there is time to have our voice heard. It is looking like new government action to protect the area from off road vehicle damage may go too far and eliminate our access to climbing areas. All areas that feed the South Saskatchewan catchment basins (including the ghost and Waiparus) are included.

What can I do?
1. Read up on the threat. Check out the web page at: Check out the details in all the attachments
2. Fill in the online survey. There is a link from the above web page to the online survey (there is also an option to print the survey and mail it in. The deadline for the survey in Dec 21.
3. Attend the information session. Tuesday Nov 13. Open from 4:00 PM through 8:00 PM. At the Radisson Hotel Airport - 2120 6 Ave NE

Pierre Champness 13-Nov-2013

I have attended the session today at the glen more and have begun to write a submission on behalf of the calgary mountain club. I ran through the format with Stantec and the AB parks guys at the meeting today they felt the intent is on the right path.
If anyone has any information they want me to add in let me know. the general concept is to address out long history in the area, the world class climbing, access needs, wants. it will be a fairly extensive submission with maps indicating climbing, staging access etc. The AB parks rep indicated that the intent is for them to be taking over control of this area from SRD.