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CMC Stickers

CMC Stickers
CMC Stickers

Feeling the need to advertise your somewhat colourful past? Or perhaps you just want to put graffiti on that neighbour’s car always parked in front of your place?

Have you paid your 2021 Membership Fee? If so, please expect to collect one sticker at our next CMC gathering or please feel free to pay $1.00 for the cost of a stamp to mail it out to you. But wait, I paid a Family Membership so how does that work? Great Question, you can collect 2 stickers per Family Membership or pay $1.00 to have them mailed out to you.

Wait, wait, wait.... I love the CMC and want more stickers than that, can I get more? Yes of course! Please ensure your Membership is current for 2021 and you can purchase more from us at the next CMC gathering for $2.00/piece or pay for them plus $1.00* shipping via the CMC web page. Discounts are available for people buying 100 or more stickers – talk to Keith for details.

Wondering how many of these you can get on your helmet? Or on the bumper of your neighbours’ BMW? The dimensions are: To the outer edge of the sticker:

Height 5.1 cm
Width: 5.7 cm
If you cut off the white sticker edge:
Height: 4.75 cm
Width: 5.4 cm

Show us your stickers! Please share your pictures with us on CMC Instagram or CMC Facebook!

Paid up member get 1 or 2 stickers for free – if that member picks up the sticker at the pub (when it re-opens). We will always have some at the pub. If you just can’t wait, you can pay us for the postage and we will mail out your stickers to you. Make that choice below and pay us via paypal.

Stickers - pd up members via mail: