Calgary Mountain Club

Contact The Calgary Mountain Club

You can contact us in person at the pub on Wednesday night.
You may meet us in the mountains and local crags.
or you may use one of the e-mail addresses below.

n.b. you must prefix 'the' to the addresses below e.g. thewebmooster@cmc.

Members can access the membership list for additional contact details

President Rudie Penton
Secretary Ken Wiens
Treasurer Evan Jones
Membership Paula Demaine
Social / Gophers Darren WIlliams & Louise Bentley
Slideshows Andrew Brash
Chief Environmental Officer (CEO) Allen Derbyshire
CASA Representatives Howard Bentley and Eric Hoogstraten
Mail Monster Ken Wiens the monster mails you - you dont mail it
Communications Ken Wiens
Webmaster Henry Lickorish / Chris Fox